Our name stands for QUALity FINinishesA dedication and pride to real woodworking and finishes.

Since 1983 we have provided our customers quality woodwork and finishes parallel to the top brands…and definitely more specialty and custom finishes than any other manufacturer. That is why the Qualfin name should reflect its product.


Qualfin is a highly customized, high-end manufacturer, with distributor of custom window coverings to North America and Europe.

Our manufacturing facility of over 110,000 sqft. has real vertical integration:

  • Starting with raw lumber
  • to our fishing paint lines
  • to our assembly line (made-to-measure blinds)
  • finally direct-to-customer private-white-label drop-ship, or LTL deliveries to re-sellers

Real vertical integration is the advantage to working with Qualfin:

  • No middle points
  • Fast manufacturing
  • Quality control 
  • Custom colors
  • Ability to change products quickly to always be fashionable
  • Meet the constant market trends

Private White Label Program– a clean experience for your customer. Qualfin can manufacture it for you, and drop ship it direct to your customer. Package and paperwork will keep supply-chain discreet.

  • Direct-to-customer shipping
  • Using Distributor’s Logos
  • Using Distributor’s contact information

After more than 30 years of being in the Window Coverings business, there is nothing we haven’t seen or done before. Time has been our teacher.


We use well known high quality European machines–machines that are well established in the manufacturing industry. Raw lumber is milled with precision and consistency, every time.

These machines are our daily tools, and the reason for our quality.



Finishing is where the wood defines it’s look.

Many of our finishing lines were designed and built in-house using low energy and fire safe pneumatic systems. Reflecting our dedication to worker’s safety and green innovation.


We use three types of finish:

  • Flow coaters
  • UV finishing machines
  • Hand Finish– hard items or angles. Proving our dedication to fully finished products


With over 180 employees, and 30 years in the business, we value teamwork. Because together we make beautiful things happen. 


Many of our employees have been with us since the very beginning, and many worked their way up the company, through all the tough economic times business always encounter. So we hold these employees close to our hearts, and value their expertise in this industry.

To fulfill the rigorous expectations from our retail customers, our team goes through regular re-evaluation procedures. Ensuring consistency and quality. And for many years, we have consistently met their high standards and have received awards of their appreciation.

From out IT Team receiving and verifying carefully orders via Flat-Files, to our Customer Contact Team on the phones, to our Assembly Team hand building your product — this is our success: TEAMWORK

Every morning we greet each-other, we eat lunch together, and we end our day tired but pat each-other’s backs expecting to do it again tomorrow.


Finally our own UPS/FedEx labeling department can ship direct to customers via UPS, FedEx or DHL or LTL pallet-loads for contracts or international. 



We use sustainable wood from USA. 

Wood remnants from our mill are passed on to further wood processing businesses.

We offer UV finishes that are vapor free to our employees and to our customers. UV finishes are also much more resistant to scratches.

Finishing errors do not go into the landfills, we sand and strip wood back to it raw wood state, and try again. Our social commitment reflect our values: Integrity, Dignity, Ethic and Eco Responsibility.


Our American hardwoods are trucked in as raw lumber into our fully integrated North American facility. We design and control all processes: from the moulding of the wood, to the wood sanding, and to custom finishes.

Our team is hands on to nature.


High quality and affordability should be possible– without sacrificing both design and functionality. 

Over the 30 years our focus has been, and will continue to be, producing the finest quality available in our industry, and our total-integration allows us to design and create unique Finishes and colors like no others.

What separates us from the competition is our tireless strive for innovation. In our production, and in our products.

Q u a l f i n