Certificates & Recognition

The natural way will always last…….so our commitment and our products have stood tall in the test of time.

Throughout history, wood has been a faithful companion of man, giving warmth to the cold nights of winter, indispensable to the agricultural revolution, then material for the construction of homes.

The technological evolution of new materials provide technical solutions to the needs of housing; but lack in most cases the comfort that comes from natural materials such as wood. By incorporating the wood into the structure and functionality of your home, it will bring your home to the natural environment, and will provide elements with personality and life, which will bring you, as well as a beautiful decoration, comfort and quality of life.

Here is a list of commitments to our natural environment and to our customers for over 30 years……



The fire resistance of a product has gone from being a mere concern, to being a legal requirement. To meet this market demand, Qualfin has the QuitFire B-s2-d0 series of wood products.

Only available upon request and with African Maple wood.



Qualfin offers a water-repellent treatment that contains antibacterial impregnants, specially developed to apply in interior wood coverings, that will be installed in places where the humidity index is higher than normal, like bathrooms, covered swimming pools, etc.

Only available upon request and with African Maple wood.



Ecological wood would be where extraction does not damage the environment. Today, one of the few international guarantees of cut timber without forest damage is the endorsement of the Forest Stewardship Council, also known as FSC. FSC wood is a guarantee to conserve the forests of the planet. By promoting this tree replanting project, together with the local government, we are creating Natural Green Belt areas.



We use water-based eco-friendly paints that do not harm the environment. In addition to just using sustainable wood, we also offer UV Finishes that are vapor free to our employees,– and to our customers. UV finishes are also much more resistant to sun damage. Our social projects reflect our values: Integrity, Dignity, Ethic and Responsibility.


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